International seminars

"It is impossible to solve a problem from the same consciousness that has caused it. You have to learn to see the world with new eyes."

Albert Einstein

After an individual consultancy the seminar or training program  will be designed to fit your and your companies individual needs. Below you can see some examples of elements that can be included.

International Negotiation

Understand the nature and dynamics of international negotiation. Design a culturally sensitive "Getting to yes" negotiation Framework. Discover and use the appropriate tools to achieve your desired results. 

International Presentation

Being a good presenter is not something you are born with or not. It is a skill that you can learn. Utilise your potential as a presenter. Gain the confidence you need to interact with your audience. Become culturally sensitive to your audiences needs and influence the decision makers. 

Managing Conflict

What is a conflict - why we avoid it and how we can use it to develop better working relationships. Discover a seven step method to conflict resolution. Nature uses conflict to create a pearl or a canyon. Learn how conflict can become a positive force for you. 

Receiving International Visitors

Understand the needs and expectations of your international visitor. The first impression is the one that remains. Learn formal and informal introductions and how to get into conversations and how to get out of them. Diplomacy is an essential ingredient for building contacts and the rules vary from culture to culture. Building trust between you and your guest/business partner is your key to international success. Develop your networking and small talk skills and become an international player. 

Presenting Yourself

Overcome your blockages let your individual strengths stand out whether at an interview for a new job or at a team meeting with your boss. Your future career is in your hands don't let someone else take your place. Improve you verbal and nonverbal communication skills and become a winner.

Creating and Managing an International Team

Increase your ability to identify the individual strengths in the diversity of your team and use them to the advantage of your business. Develop and promote clear international communication. Become aware of possible areas of conflict and learn how to make them work as a positive force. 

Based in Germany but Dealing with International Customers and Colleagues

Good international communication skills are an essential quality for anybody working within an international network. Wherther for email, telephone, or virtual conference improve your active listening, correspondence and presenting skills. 

Facilitating Meetings

Become an effective facilitator. Learn verbal and non verbal facilitation techniques; how to and when to ask the right open or closed question. Discover the tools and methods for effective collection and recording of information and decisions from brain storming to Matrix diagrams.

Facilitating and Managing Virtual Teams

How to create and maintain a good communication flow while maintaining order. Involve Team members in creating successful Processes. Use the teams' diversity as a benefit. Use tools like "decision logs" to insure clear lines of responsibility and learn to become an effective chairperson. 

Social Networking

Meet the right people and leave the right impression both nationally and internationally. Understand the different cultural expectations of your international guest or host. Present yourself as a winner. Discover the best way to get into a conversation and also how to get out again and move on. Learn the art of small talk that will lead to you success. 

Interview Techniques

Whether it's the next big step in your career or a new chance you only have one chance to get it right. Learn how to present yourself verbally non-verbally in a positive light. Learn the right style for the different interview techniques and how to handle the a wide selection of typical questions. 

Give your Career a Face Lift

Create a professional video presentation of yourself to send to your prospective employer with your papers. Learn how to write a curriculum vitae and a cover letter that will get you to the interview. Get tips on how to create a good impression and become successful at interviews. 

Team Building Indoor/Outdoor

Optimize the effectiveness of the relationships within your team. Allow every individual member to find their particular strengths and also to demonstrate to the others the essential role that they play within the team. The seminar can also be carried out as a three day event see special interest seminars. 

International Correspondence

A quick email, a short fax or a complex business letter international correspondence is a minefield of rules and regulations. Discover how to express your wishes and beliefs in a way that they are fully understood by the recipient. Discover the art of written diplomacy and how to build trust and develop long standing relationships through the medium of correspondence. 

Dealing with International Telephone Calls

Managing an international call means being able to control the speed and clarity of the communication. Knowing the right phrases when you need them and being able to receive understand and send the information to a third person. This seminar can be done as a separate seminar or as part of a package in combination with live distant training.